In and out like the ocean tide...

Everyday trucks are sent out to deliver loads and then they need to come back. Back to where their core customers need them. Back to their driver's homes. Back to the repair shop. Back to the market they know. Headhall capacity becomes backhaul capacity and then the process starts all over again. Keeping our economy flowing with the goods it needs for commerce.


More facts about trucking.

How many truck drivers are there?
It is estimated there are over 3.3 million truck drivers in the U.S. Of that, one in ten are independent, a majority of which are owner operators. Canada has in excess of 250,000 truck drivers.

Headhall Capacity & Backhaul Capacity

Of the estimated 360,000 trucking companies 96% operate 28 or fewer trucks while 82% operate six or fewer trucks. Each of these carriers hauls loads for their local customers as headhauls. When the trucks arrive at their delivery backhaul capacity is created, as these trucks need to return home -- where their main customers are, where their drivers live and where their equipment is maintained.

In the vast majority of these cases it would be impractical and even impossible for these carriers to establish a relationship with a local shipper for the following reasons. First, they usually do not have time to search for truckload shippers simultaneously in multiple geographic areas. Second, they are only looking for one type of load -- a load home. Third, they are not sure when they will have a truck for that shipper in the future.

These carriers turn to companies like Rush Logistics and exchange a discounted rate for a load home. We work with thousands of carriers from across the country in order to harness backhaul capacity that shippers would otherwise not have access to.

- For over a decade we have developed a highly effective and efficient system for matching truckload shipments with backhaul capacity that yields highly reliable service at very competitive prices

- We keep you, the shipper, informed of the status of your load through each step of the process

- Because backhaul capacity is significantly discounted, you the shipper, share in that discount

- Many companies claim to do it all. We don't. All of our focus is on providing the very best truckload service available at the best possible price. We do one thing and we do it very well.

- We work with thousands of carriers nationwide to find the perfect backhaul and thus obtain a significantly discounted rate that you, the shipper, share in