What else you should know about Rush Logistics

Rush Logistics is a truly unique company. Since 1997 we have grown organically by understanding our customers' needs and continually finding new ways to meet them. We are an environmentally conscientious company that is mindful of our responsibility to the environment and our community. While many companies boast of being green or ethically responsible, Rush Logistics walks the walk from our commuting reduction and energy conservation efforts to our community outreach program.

What We Do

Rush Logistics specializes in the transportation of manufactured goods in truckload quantities to all forty eight states on dry vans. When shipping truckload, shippers can chose between, a motor carrier ( head-hall capacity ) or a non-asset based carrier that will move their load with back-haul capacity. Our growing number of customers share in the discount of the backhaul capacity that we harness on a daily basis.

Every customer has their own account manager. You can reach your's by calling 888-448-7874.

More about us...

We go above and beyond in everything we do. Our customers didn't ask us to create the financial incentives that allow 85% of our employees to walk to work. Our customers didn't ask us to implement an information system that makes us 95% paperless or to use 100% recycled paper on the documents that we must print. Our customers didn't ask us to volunteer two days a year per employee to a local charity. Our customers don't ask us to do any of these things. We do them anyway, because we believe it' important to focus not only on how to succeed, but also on why we should.