How is Rush Logistics Doing Their Part?

At Rush Logistics we believe that we are all connected by our environment and we want to do all we can to be an environmentally friendly company. Some of the things we do to carry out this mission are:

* Load matching and backhaul capacity utilization means less deadhead miles which translates to reduced fuel
consumption and emissions. If less trucks can move more freight it has a significant impact on the environment

* Centrally located in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood, we strive to hire employees that live close to our offices

* Rush Logistics pays a stipend to employees who move within walking distance to work. Over eighty-five percent of our employees walk to work and none commute more than 1.5 miles

* Our information system allows us to be 98% paperless and we use 100% recycled paper on the documents that we must print

* We have dramtically cut our kilowatt consumption --approximately 30% over the last three years -- through a myriad of measures including using 100% highly efficient LED lighting

* By creating an ultra-low emission work commute for employees and designing an energy efficient office that produces very little waste, you can be assured of doing business with a company with an extremely small carbon footprint. It's not simply low flow toilets and LED lights, being green factors into virtually every decision we make as we strive to become the greenest company on the planet.